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InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer and Night Light

InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer and Night Light
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InaTrap Insect Killer uses an LED light coating with titanium dioxide to simulate the human body temperature and generate the CO2 (also called photocatalyst), which lures the mosquitos into the InaTrap container. When you leave a room, turn on the InaTrap. It will help you be rid of mosquitos for when you come back.

Say goodbye to mosquitoes or other harmful insects by safely and elegantly eliminating them without the use of harmful sprays, chemicals or even propane gas. InaTrap’s patented Electronic Insect Killer, Winner of 2012’s Taiwan Excellence Award, not only exudes style and elegance, but also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to attract and remove those unbearable disease-carrying insects.

Mosquitos are attracted by light and the carbon dioxide we emit, not only from breathing but also from our pores. InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer uses of an LED light and a photo-catalyst reaction that produces minute levels of CO2 to attract mosquitos, while a built-in fan safely pulls them into a trap. Use it at home, outdoors or take it anywhere with you, the InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer is lightweight, easy to use and clean, 100% noiseless and is designed to be a decorative centerpiece.

You can eliminate mosquitos and other insects in a lot of ways, but only the InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer will do it effectively, safely and in style.

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