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Inception Dish Drainer / Desk Organizer

Inception Dish Drainer / Desk Organizer
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Seletti pays a tribute to the Big Apple with Inception, a desk organiser/dish rack made from coloured silicone. Designed by Luca Nichetto for the iconic Italian design brand, Inception is inspired by the eponymous film by Christopher Nolan and its shape looks after the skyscrapers of the City. The item was introduced during New York Design Week, at Wanted Design in downtown Manhattan, May 16 to 19th. “During a visit to Stefano Seletti’s office in Viadana, Mantua, a curious object resting on his desk caught my attention. It was a scale model of the Manhattan peninsula, a gift from a friend. The object had no particular function yet, but it immediately gave me the idea to create something that played with the surreal proportions of the miniature metropolis,” said designer Luca Nichetto.

“From the meeting with Luca Nichetto, one of my favorite designers, a beautiful friendship and a new project were born,” adds Stefano Seletti. “Luca’s clean and precise style as well as his ability to match the irony and unpredictability that is typical of Seletti made this a very exciting project for us.” This unique designer item is available on sale online in three beautiful colours. You will have the unique chance to lay your dishes down among iconic skyscrapers and world-famous buildings. This dish rack is so elegant you can choose to use it as a decoration and leave it in full sight in your home. Its functionality makes it perfect also on your desk, for collecting sheets of paper, stationery, messages and envelopes, your iPad or anything else you might want to keep at hand while working or studying. Browse online the rest of the Seletti collection.

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