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Inception Dish Rack/Desk Organizer

Inception Dish Rack/Desk Organizer
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You don’t have to be a city dweller to appreciate “Inception,” the urban-inspired dish or desk organizer created by Italian brand Seletti for New York Design Week in 2014. Designer Luca Nichetto credits his inspiration to a scale model of Manhattan that he noticed on Stefano Seletti’s office desk in Viadana, Mantua: “The object had no particular function yet but it immediately gave me the idea to create something that played with the surreal proportions of the miniature metropolis.”

Of course, the product’s name is also a reference to Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film, specifically a scene that depicts New York City folding onto itself “as if it were made of rubber.” Made from flexible silicone, Nichetto’s imaginative design marries form and function; dishes balance between narrow streets, while cups and glasses rest on miniature skyscrapers – at no risk to the delicate dishes. Letters and other mail can just as easily be sorted between the systematic city blocks. Available in slate blue, grey, or pink, “Inception” will straighten out any domestic disarray with all the excitement of urban life.

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