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Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge
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The bridge is made out of solid pine. The platforms are 18″ x 9.5″ x 2″. The posts are carved by hand and reinforced into place with metal brackets. The bridge slats are 8.75″ wide and roped together. The railing is hand-woven twine to lessen the swing and give the cats the ability to lounge on the bridge. Our cats love sleeping in the bridge and our 15lb cat sleeps on his back in it.

Each of the two platform come with two metal brackets. This is one of our only pieces that we dont attach the brackets to before sending, because they need to be lined up to go into a stud. When you mount the brackets, make sure yyou mount the on the top of the platforms. Because we’re using corner braces, this is how they will be most sturdy. Flat black brackets are attached and screws are included in your order. If you would like different colored brackets, leave it in a message with your preferred color in the order comments.

We have:
– White
– Plain Metal (unpainted)
– Champagne
– Aged Copper
– Flat black
– Flat gray

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