Individual BridgesPokemon rats marmosets chinchillas

Individual BridgesPokemon rats marmosets chinchillas
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This is a discontinued fabric, once it’s gone it’s gone. Our sugar glider bridges are made of 2 layers of thick fleece, nice and warm and snuggly for your suggie. This bridge is 824 in size. Please keep in mind that there is no bedding/cage set product that is 100% safe. What accessories you decide to incorporate into your cages is completely up to you. My sets are made to be safe for your sugar gliders, hedgehogs, rats, degus ,hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small animals. But what may be safe for one may not be safe for another based on the size of your pet and the species of your pet, and whether they are aggressive chewers or not, rough on materials, etc. Only you know your pet best when choosing what accessories you deem appropriate. i recommend owners to check the wear and tear of your sets on a daily basis to ensure the safety and continued use of your sets.

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