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Infinito LED Suspension Lamp by QisDesign

Infinito LED Suspension Lamp by QisDesign
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The Infinito is a LED suspension lamp by QisDesign for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Serves both as illuminating and atmospheric lighting.
Inspired by the symbol of infinity “∞”, the Infinito LED ceiling lamp is segregate for different functionality through an elegant and simple twist; the big loop delivers warm white light for reading, while the other splendid neon allows you to create your own atmosphere freely.

The Infinito plays the role as the intersection of day and night; one side can be as bright as day and the other side as dreamy as night.
Embedded with sensors, the Infinito Ceiling Suspended lamp can detect the movement of hands to adjust brightness and color of light in a variety of ways. Set the mind through colors and dim the light as you wish; there is no limit to your imagination.
In order to distribute the LED Light evenly, LED Light bulbs are cleverly configured in between the hollow aluminum alloy body and emit light through reflective optics system, eliminating all concerns over glare.

The sleek design of the Infinito LED ceiling lamp is one of the most elegant modern ceiling lights we’ve seen. Express your unique taste and immerse yourself in the soft, comfortable and homely ambience it creates.

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