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Ink Splatter Clock by Railis Design

Ink Splatter Clock by Railis Design
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Believe it or not Iceland is known for its love of modern furniture as well, and nothing illustrates this as well as this stunning ink splatter wall clock. Made out of mdf, this wall clock is cut to look like a real ink splatter. This modern, unique, and highly imaginative clock will make an excellent conversation starter for your home, and it will also make an ideal focal point for an otherwise dull room. This clock is available in bright colors, including a stunning bright pink finish. You can bet that this clock will be the epitome of cool for your hip, modern home.

We accept custom orders!

This clock is 31cm x 21cm (12 inch x 8inch)
The clock is assembled with a new quartz clock movement.
There’s a hanger on the back for hanging.
The clock takes one “AA” battery ( not included).

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