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Instant Wine Chiller by Ravi Solution

Instant Wine Chiller by Ravi Solution
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Ravi is predicated on the revolutionary idea of cooling wine on the very second it’s served. It just isn’t the bottle that’s cooled, however the wine itself.

The cooling course of takes place because the wine passes via an inner tube within the Ravi. Use of the valve permits you to regulate the period of time the wine is cooled. The inner tube of the Ravi is constructed from the identical chrome steel used for wine fermentation tanks and maintains the wine’s traits and by no means alters the style. The Ravi will cool wine inside seconds which suggests no extra ready and no extra messy ice buckets to deal with. Since not all wines are loved on the similar temperature, Ravi has a valve that controls the circulate of wine to manage the temperature.

Store the Ravi within the freezer, when wanted place the Ravi into your wine bottle and in mere seconds you possibly can savor your wine cooled to precisely the fitting temperature. Unfortunately, purple wines are often served too heat and the alcohol tends to predominate, concealing the fruit of the wine. Ravi allows your wine to immediately go from room temperature to that of a wine cellar. When having fun with a white wine or a rose, the Ravi can cool your wine to perfection.

The Ravi was born from two years of labor with oenologists, designers and different wine-making specialists. To use, merely maintain the Ravi within the freezer so it is able to go. When wanted, insert the Ravi into the bottle neck as you’d a cork, and pour. The wine is chilled because it passes by way of the frozen chrome steel tube. The air gap or valve lets you management the temperature drop. Covering the opening slows the circulate of the wine, the extra time it spends within the Ravi, the colder your wine will get. Hand wash. Made in Canada.

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