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iOS Controlled Mini Helicopter

iOS Controlled Mini Helicopter
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The MOTA 6036 Helicopter, Extreme Edition, is the newest and most popular line of MOTA Helicopter in the market. It can be controlled via iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the app that is can be downloaded for FREE from Apple App Store. this MOTA Helicopter loftily slices through tropospheric air, hovering and manoeuvring at the command of its iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch owner.

Makes it possible to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as a remote control for a RC Helicopter! Plug the transmitter in the audio jack, download the free controller App from the Appstore and you are ready to fly! The Extreme Ediction also includes 2 EXTRA ROTORS + 2 EXTRA TAIL ROTORS! USB Charger Included.

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