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iPhone 6 Holster by Oopsmark

iPhone 6 Holster by Oopsmark
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As phones get bigger and pants get slimmer, some people were really disappointed when they discovered that the iPhone 6 was bending in their pockets, or creating the iPhone 6 Bulge. Baggy jeans aren’t going to be back in style any time soon (thankfully!) and a guy (or gal) has got to keep his phone handy. So how do we solve this tricky problem? Stick that iPhone in a holster and hang it off your belt, cowboy style.

The iPhone 6 Holster is slim and minimal, so it doesn’t stick out like the phone holsters of yesteryear. The vegetable tan leather takes the shape of your iPhone as it ages so it’s always a perfect fit, and best of all, it frees up a bunch of pocket space and your phone is no longer hanging out with keys and coins, potentially getting scratched or bent.

The design leaves the headphone jack accessible so that you can listen to music, use GPS while biking, or talk on the phone hands free with microphone headphones. The slim leather holster slides onto your belt, so you can position it anywhere for comfort or accessibility, while keeping as close to the body and belt as possible to reduce any bulk.

We’ve been testing the iPhone 5 Holster for a year and a half, and everyone who grabs one totally loves it. The phone is always readily accessible and I can’t even believe how many times it has saved me from putting my phone down somewhere and forgetting where it was. Certain useful tools can get a bad reputation due to poor design (fanny pack, anyone?). I never thought I would be wearing a phone holster, but now that I made one that suits my design sensibility, I use it every day.

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