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iPin Spatial Ruler

iPin Spatial Ruler
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iPin Spatial Ruler is THE communication tool enhancing people’ spatial recognition. It enables instant measurement and laser-guided photo recording on dimensions of a given space or object. Plugged inside the earphone jack, the phone-powered iPin Spatial Ruler enables users to take, save and share space dimension-embossed pictures with friends. The iPin Ruler App allows users to measure the length between any two points in a shared photo on their iPhone. Here are some more products that you will definitley need when renovating your home.

The proprietary hybrid design allows the iPin Spatial Ruler to stay plugged in without affecting phone speaker functions. When turning on the laser, the cap of the Ruler will display the brand logo for aesthetic appreciation. It is a pioneering product which integrates the ultimate portability, energy-saving and authenticity into one smart tool that enhances communication about visualized space dimensions between peoples for everyday use.

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