IQZoo The Intelligent Dog Feeder

IQZoo The Intelligent Dog Feeder
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  • SLOWEST MEALTIME: IQ Zoo revolutionizes your pet’s mealtime, providing a healthier alternative their unwanted bowl. Developed by a pet behaviorist, building upon decades of experience working with dogs.
  • HELPS PREVENT SEPARATION ANXIETY: IQ Zoo was created in order to help calm hyperactive dogs by providing focused stimulation and rewarding them for their effort.
  • ENHANCES PET HEALTH: IQ Zoo teaches your furry pal to happily eat calmly and slowly, preventing air swallowing, bloating, overeating, and obesity. Feeding in a bowl lets a dog gorge, only stopping when the food is gone.
  • EASY TO USE: : The IQ Zoo’s original design is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, working with all types of dog food, quickly adjusting for different sized kibbles.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: IQ Zoo is made out of strong and durable polycarbonate that’s safe for your pet. Every product is assembled with the utmost care to ensure quality. Tried and tested on thousands of cats and dogs. One year warranty included.
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