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Iris Brass Floor Lamp

Iris Brass Floor Lamp
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The Iris Floor Lamp transforms its form and the atmosphere in a room by changing its light direction and projections. By adjusting this brass lamp shade you can have upward pointing light, a downward pointing light, a spot light to one direction and / or patterned light to another direction, The reflective interior of this floor lamp casts intricately patterned reflections that change as the lamp’s configuration is changed. This would be the perfect light for a living room or a bedroom.

We have been developing this floor lamp for about four years, this was an extremely challenging lamp to design as we wanted to allow the user to look through the lamp straight to the other side.

The 79 LED light bulbs are hidden in the shade so you can see right through the shade and still get plenty of warm bright light that consumes only 12.6 Watts of power. These bulbs are rated for 25,000 life hours, that’s about 25 years of normal household use

The Iris series lamps are the fruit of years of development of the patented overlapping leaves mechanism first explored in lightexture’s Steamlight series. (Patent #8,025,430) Composed of overlapping brass leaves, each Iris lamp has two adjustable apertures; as one opens, the other closes.

With easy manual operation, the lamp shade can open and close to either direction, tilt 360 degrees and turn sideways 360 degrees.
This animation shows the range of ways the brass shade’s light can be adjusted:

(Please note that this floor lamp is not controlled remotely, but is easily adjusted by hand.)

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