Irish Christmas Gift Stocking Stuffer Half Penny Halfpenny

Irish Christmas Gift Stocking Stuffer Half Penny Halfpenny
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‘Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old mans hat. If you havent a penny, a ha penny will do. If you havent got a ha penny, then God bless you.’ Among many country Irish, the ha penny is a traditional little Christmas gift and a gentle reminder of a lesson not to be forgotten: Be thankful for what you have for there is always someone with less. The half penny is also a potentially valuable little gift. The bronze ha penny (a bit larger than a us quarter) was issued only 16 times between 1928 and 1967 and it is no longer in circulation. It is a rare coin and it will, most likely, continue to increase in value over time. After decades in circulation, all our ha pennies have the expected amount of scrapes, scratches and weather marks but none are bent or badly dinged. No coin has been cut, pierced, drilled, machined or altered in any way which might diminish its current or future value. At the same time, each coin has been gently hand cleaned and lightly hand polished. As a result, each coin has an aged luster which nicely highlights the original 1928 Percy Metcalfe ‘Sow and Piglets design on the reverse side of the coin and the iconic Celtic harp on the observe side. There are two purchase options: purchase option one: We believe in the Irish ‘thank you’ penny tradition. And so, if you choose the ‘Coin Alone’ option, we will send along a second ‘thank you’ half penny with your purchase. Your bonus half penny may be from a different issue year and may have a few more nicks, scrapes and weather marks but it’s free. So, God bless. purchase option two: If you are planning to give your half penny as a gift, you can choose the ‘Coin & Pouch & Box’ option and we will deliver your halfpenny (and bonus coin) with a beautiful little (2″ x 2 1/2″) velvet draw-string coin pouch and an elegant little (3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 1″) gift box. (See sample photo.) The little pouch is deep green velvet not velour or velveteen. Each pouch is large enough for a coin and perhaps some other personal keepsake. Truth be, our little velvet pouch is a memorable keepsake itself. The white swirl gift box has a ‘soft’ fiber bed and is large enough for the velvet pouch with half penny and a personal note or card. (See packaging options for pricing.) As a desk ornament, golf ball marker, necklace pendant, key chain fob, wrist bracelet charm or just as an every day lucky pocket piece, the halfpenny is a unique and memorable keepsake or gift, particularly for anyone with even a little bit of Irish ancestry or interest. And just so you know, with every Irish halfpenny we also send along our best wishes and an everlasting bit of Irish luck? which certainly cant hurt in these days and times. Slainte.

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