iSCOUT Head-Up Display

iSCOUT Head-Up Display
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Every day we are complimented by new technology and innovations.  We agree that not all of them are good or useful. But whenever there is a new gadget introduced on the market, we ought to welcome it with open arms. Especially if it is one that will make our life easy and safe like the iSCOUT Head-Up Display.

The iSCOUT Head-Up Display is one such invention. It is among the top HUDs on the market.

It is designed to allow drivers to multitask while driving but without compromising their safety. Let us dig deeper.

What does it do?

The HUD which stands for head-up display works to project all the driving information as a transparent image in front of the driver. This information includes speed, level of the fuel, and GPS navigation.

It connects to the vehicle as well as the phone, which enables the driver to focus on driving while still making use of the iSCOUT.

Users can place it on the dashboard and connect it via the OBD-II port. This syncs the device with the car.

Connection to the phone is done through Bluetooth. After the devices are synced, it displays calls, texts, notifications from social media, and other reminders.

Calls can be accepted or rejected using hand gestures or a voice command.

iSCOUT Head-Up Display other cool features

  • Blind spot feature. It shows the back of the car in real time so the driver need not crank his or her neck to park.
  • The lenses are photochromic, which automatically dims in the sun to enable visibility.
  • It searches for and displays the nearest gas station when it detects that fuel levels are low.
  • The device is portable, so it makes it even more convenient.

Here is a video that presents the features of the iSCOUT Head-Up Display in a more detailed way:

The base can be inclined to suit the driver’s height.

Packed full of features and technology, iScout Head-Up Display is set to transform driving experiences all over. It is a must have gadget for every driver who needs to be on the go.

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