JAK Jamaican Army Knife

JAK Jamaican Army Knife
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Knife-Super sharp knife for cutting/splitting cigars, opening tobacco pouches, or really just cutting anything at all!
Scissors-Mini versions of the real thing, but these little guys are designed for cutting up your smokeable substances. No more smelly or sticky fingers, no more crushed and torn smoke.

Clips-Like to roll your own? Want to smoke it to the end without burning your fingers? Don’t want your fingers to smell? Want an easier way to pass it to your friends? Or do you just want to look a little classier? The “Stay Closed” clips can help you with all of these things, and they even have our website laser etched on them.
Bottle Opener / Tamper-If you’re a smoker, then there is a good chance you might like to drink too. Our knife has a bottle opener built right in. Flip it over and use the beveled edge to tamp/pack down your pipe bowl, no more dirty lighters or weak & ashy puffs for you.

The Multi-Tool-Every pocket knife has to have one of these! Our multi-tool was designed to scrape out, scoop up, & split in half lots of different things. It even has a small tip for waxy or sticky substances in your e-cigs. Let us know how you use it!

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