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JamStik MIDI iPad Guitar

JamStik MIDI iPad Guitar
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JamStik – The Guitar for Your iPad

The JamStik is a guitar controller designed to interface with the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, giving you the ability to use all of the nuances of guitar playing to control your favorite music creation iOS apps or Mac software. At just over 15″ long, the JamStik is built to fit the form factor of your mobile device to fit your mobile lifestyle – where your iPad goes the JamStik can follow with ease.
Real Strings, Real Frets, Real Playing

It’s really important that a guitar controller actually works like a guitar. That’s why the JamStik has real guitar strings and real frets – you can use a pick or your fingertips, you can bend strings (try that on divided frets,) and use your guitar playing skills to generate musically dynamic MIDI for your apps or software. The JamStik is a new idea in guitar controllers because it uses infrared light to “see” what your hands are doing in real time. Unlike other MIDI guitar solutions that rely on audio analysis and conversion to MIDI, the JamStik scans the fretboard and knows what your fretting hand is up to before your picking hand ever hits a string. Because the JamStik “sees” activity in real time, it’s an extremely fast MIDI controller.
Look Ma, No Wires!

Your iPad is a MOBILE device, why would you ever want to tether it like a ball and chain on a cable? The JamStik establishes it’s own WiFi network to connect to your iOS device (or your Mac) WIRELESSLY – no host network necessary.
Anywhere Your iPad goes. ..

…the JamStik can go too! Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – your JamStik can establish a connection to your iPad and now game time can be replaced with the option of working on your chops or using GarageBand to sketch out your next hit single.
Simple, Easy, Intuitive Design at Work

The JamStik is designed to be hassle-free. JamStik’s real guitar strings never need tuning. The rechargeable battery will outlast your ability to play for the day. The WiFi connection is one-step and go. Where MIDI used to be complicated for guitar players, the Jamstik is an easy entry point to get started without a major investment or a complicated installation onto your prized guitar.

Bundled JamStik Apps

In addition to JamTutor, JamMix (an addictive DJ-meets-guitar instant music app designed exclusively for the JamStik) is also available as a free download on the iTunes App Store. With single note auto chord play, hundreds of audio loops and samples to practice or jam with, and great solo sounds – JamMix will have you making music in minutes, but engaged for hours.
Turn Your iPad Into a Real Musical Instrument

Aside from apps designed exclusively for the Jamstik, there are literally hundreds of sound and music making apps available for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac – and the JamStik puts those apps under tactile musical control. Play the sounds of synthesizers, recording apps, and DAW’s using guitar technique – give those flat apps some 6-string love!
Six Strings, Five Frets – infinite possibilities

At it’s core, the JamStik is a MIDI controller. Not unlike the convenient variety of offerings our keyboard playing brethren have had access to for years, the JamStik’s first impression can appear limited in note range. The performance D-pad on the JamStik gives access to over twice the note range of a 21 fret guitar. Even in it’s small footprint, the JamStik can cover a wide range of notes.

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