Japanese Fan Necklace Crane Necklace Birthday Gift Folding

Japanese Fan Necklace Crane Necklace Birthday Gift Folding
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This amazingly detailed necklace is a little working fan, that can be folded out! It’s made from solid brass and has the most exquisite detail engraved across the front – a scene with trees and birds flying across the sky! The decoration has been carefully picked out in blue, red and white enamel. The pendants are vintage Japanese dating to the late 1940s. The fan measures 4cm (just under two inches) when folded out and is strung on a perfectly co-ordinating golden brass chain. This comes in four different lengths. Please refer to my illustration for a better idea of how necklace lengths will look. In Japanese culture, fans are often given as gifts to honor births or birthdays, and these fans are often covered in bird designs. In traditional Japanese imagery, cranes are birds which are symbolic of life – they live long lives – and are often used to decorate birthday fans. This piece of handmade jewellery comes packaged in a nice recycled gift box with a handmade tag, all ready to give or keep.

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