Jasmine Rose Vanilla Natural Perfume Roll On Essential Oils

Jasmine Rose Vanilla Natural Perfume Roll On Essential Oils
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Jasmine Rose Vanilla Natural Perfume Oil, has a lovely scent that is sweet, floral, soft and feminine, that blends beautifully with each persons own body chemistry. a wonderful blend of Pure Essential Oils and All Natural Fragrance in fractionated Coconut Oil with real Jasmine Flowers and Rose Petals. Created using all natural ingredients, without any of those nasty chemicals in commercial perfumes. Alcohol Free Preservative Free No artificial or synthetic ingredients. To Apply: Gently shake and simply apply to wrists, behind ears, nape of neck, or wherever you normally apply perfumes, and gently massage in. Tips to make Natural Perfumes last longer: Apply to moisturized skin (dry skin doesn’t hold natural fragrances as well). Don’t rub Natural Perfume oil into wrists, gently tap wrists together instead. Long lasting fragrance, that is soft and feminine, but everyones body is different, apply as needed. Comes in a 10 ml. (.33 oz.) Glass bottle with roller ball and black lid.

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