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Java Sok Iced Coffee Sleeve in Black

Java Sok Iced Coffee Sleeve in Black
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Form-Fitted Insulated Neoprene Cup Sleeve for Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks Iced Beverages.
Talk about solving a problem – take that paper towel off your iced coffee cup! Keep your hands warm and your cups from leaving condensation in their wake and on your person while you drink iced coffee and other frozen beverages in style, all year long. These colorful and sleek neoprene holders are called sleeves but fit like socks and they’re just the thing to wick away moisture while you enjoy your favorite drinks. They come in three sizes and seven great colors to fit a variety of tastes and containers.

Order by cup size (you know what you drink!)
Large – Fits 32oz Dunkin Large & Starbucks Trenta iced drinks.
Medium – Fits 24oz Dunkin Medium & Starbucks Venti iced drinks.
Small – Fits 16-18oz Dunkin Small & Starbucks Grande iced drinks.
While specifically made for Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks cups, Java Sok fits similar sized cups from other brands so try them out on your favorite iced beverages from places like Jamba Juice, WaWa, QuikChek, 7-Eleven, Sheetz. and other fine retailers, as well as your local coffee shops.

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