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Jellyfish Aquarium by Cubic

Jellyfish Aquarium by Cubic
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Jellyfish are among the strangest and most fascinating organisms in our ocean and with this aquarium it is now possible to keep these curious creatures in your home or workplace. Previously, if you wanted to real live jellyfish as pets you had to either pay substantial sums of money for a custom made aquarium, or risk buying one of the various entry level jellyfish aquariums on the market which are commonly lacking in essential features or true developmental research. Our jellyfish aquarium has been several years in development and its design has drawn on the expertise from public aquariums.

An elegant et easy way to keep jellyfish at home or at the office
As with all our products; this jellyfish aquarium is made using the best quality components and the highest quality cast acrylic available
Choose between 640 thousand colors; Flashing the LED’s on and off; switching through the colors to slowly scrolling through a range of colors
The filtration is designed to keep the aquarium water quality in the correct parameters for jellyfish while remaining simple and easy to maintain

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