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Jellyfish Aroma Diffuser

Jellyfish Aroma Diffuser
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Designed for comfort and style, Jellyfish celebrates individuality and unabashed creativity. The distinct slant on top of Jellyfish brings a unique flair and style, setting Jellyfish apart from the typical diffuser in both quality and design. Jellyfish reflects the unique art and creativity inherent in every true individual, and it complements the elements in your space that make it truly yours.

Unique slanted design and soft LED lights that can be set to color changing, color fixed or no light modes
LiteMist aromatherapy system silently mists essential oils into your space
As a mid­sized diffuser (4.1′′ x 6.1′′), it’s just big enough to fill a small yoga studio, large living room, office cubicle and even an open foyer, should you want to welcome people with fresh scent
Energy efficient, this 80ml capacity machine runs for up to 4 hours before needing to be refilled ­ and the auto shut off ensures safe operating, even if you forget it’s on (because it’s so quiet)
ZAQ Jellyfish is BPA free and made of safe, health­friendly materials

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