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JISIWEI S+ Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Robot

JISIWEI S+ Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Robot
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JISIWEI S+ is the first vacuum cleaning robot with a built-in camera and Wi-Fi. Wherever you are with a smartphone or a tablet, S+ ’s camera will show you any event in your home. Via the cloud service you can take, store and share pictures. It is a child or pet monitor that you can view from across the globe. S+’s motion detection can protect homes against theft or trespassers by sending an alarm to your phone. S+ looks very simple and classy. With a dual-mode anti-scratching system, auto-recharging, seven cleaning paths, and IMD material cover, S+ is ideal for vacuuming and sweeping.

Smart Wi-Fi and app remote control for IOS 7.1 or above, android 4.2 or above
Voice prompt, with 1080p HD web camera, snapshot and video recording, real time observing your house
7 sweeping paths and lengthen 30% of the side brush, 360 degree thoroughly cleaning
Self recharging and automatically cleaning, vacuuming, mopping
Anti-drop, anti-blocking, anti-crash, intelligently moves up a slope of 15 degrees

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