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Joan Meeting Room Assistant

Joan Meeting Room Assistant
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Joan Meeting Room Assistant

The eco-designed digital door label and meeting room scheduling solution developed by Visionect. Joan’s extremely power efficient technology in combination with its superb electronic paper display consumes 99% less energy than other solutions. Joan is installed in just minutes, requires no cabling, and is easily attached to any surface with an easy-stick magnet.

Extreme power efficiency
Joan needs to be charged once every couple of months. Careful, don’t misplace the charger in the meantime. Joan uses 99% less power than an LCD.

Easy mounting
Absolutely no drilling and no mess. Yes, you heard right: all you need is Joan’s easy-stick magnet. Joan is installed and fully operational in mere minutes after unboxing.

Amazing display
The perfect signage display. No matter the fluorescent lamps, Joan’s screen will always have paper-like visibility, with a 180° viewing angle.

Effortless connectivity
Joan communicates with the calendar you already use and connects to your existing Wi-Fi network. No need to build and connect anything else.
99% lower power consumption
Joan was developed with a clear goal: to be the greenest digital door label on the market, with an almost imperceptible power consumption. It uses 99% less energy than other solutions, resulting in immense energy savings.
Works with Online Hosted Option for $4.99 a month or by free installing the software on a local server.

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