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Jockey Box Keg Cooler

Jockey Box Keg Cooler
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This is a complete jockey box with 2 x refillable 5L stainless steel kegs inside. Each keg has it’s own high quality mini regulator and is connected to a chrome, spring closing brumby tap on the outside of the esky. Each keg can also be removed and used on it’s own with an included picnic tap. Just fill the kegs with your favourite drink (you can fill them from bottles and leave the rubbish at home or fill at breweries / bars or with your favourite soft drink or mixed spirit).

Components Of This Jockey Box:

2 x 5L “Choad” Stainless Steel Kegs with Picnic Taps
2 x Pro Quality Mini Regulators
2 x 90mm Tap Shanks
2 x Chromed Brass Brumby Beer Taps
1 x Willow 33L Esky

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