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Joule Smart Sous Vide Tool

Joule Smart Sous Vide Tool
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Joule Smart Sous Vide Tool

What is sous vide?
Sous vide is a simple cooking technique in which food is cooked in precisely controlled, low-temperature water. Because the food can never get hotter than the water, under- or overcooking is almost impossible.

How does Joule work?
Put Joule in a pot with some water, and use the app to preheat Joule to the perfect temperature. Then put your food and some seasoning in a plastic bag and cook it all gently in the water. Right before dinnertime, finish with a quick sear for a nice, crispy crust. The result? The juiciest, most tender steak (or chicken! or chop!) in the history of ever. Chefs have been doing this for decadeswhy cant you?

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