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Jumper Carry-On Bag With Collapsible Shelves

Jumper Carry-On Bag With Collapsible Shelves
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If you hate digging for clothes while living out of your suitcase, or hate unpacking your items into an unclean hotel drawer, then these new RISE bags are the perfect solution to ease your travel pains. Each shelf can be neatly packed and collapsed into the bag to keep everything accessible and wrinkle-free, and then hung in the closet at your destination. According to the New York Times, its like travelling with a mobile chest of drawers.

The RISE Jumper Bag was designed to be the perfect travel companion. Its light, stylish, practical and versatile for the occasional right to the most demanding of travelers. It can be a carry on piece of luggage or easily packed in a rolling suitcase and checked in. It features our patent pending portable shelving system to keep your clothes folded and organized.

The laundry compartment in the bottom is great for keeping clean clothes clean and the top shelf features an additional zippered pouch. The dual front pockets keep all your travel documents handy and easy to get to at all times. For even more convenience while going through the airport, you can use the suitcase extension holder to keep the Jumper bag riding on top of your rolling suitcase so that you donít have to carry it.

***HOW TO USE***: you start by hanging it in an open closet (or on a door, or anywhere) at home, pack your clothing onto each of the 3 shelves, and then collapse the filled shelves back into the bag and zip it up. When you arrive at your destination, simply open the bag back up, pull out the shelves, and hang it up in a closet or anywhere you desire. You can now live out of your bag as if you brought your own closet from home. Everything stays in one place, is easy to find, and stays wrinkle-free.

***FEATURES***: Carry-On Dimensions, Laundry Compartment (under bottom shelf), Shoe Pocket (on top shelf), Water-Resistant Material (exterior material is PVC backed), Self-Healing Zippers, Removable Shoulder Strap, Handle Strap, Rubberized High-Strength Steel Hooks, Double Stitched Shelving, Suitcase Extension Holder

***WHAT FITS?*** An example of what you can fit: 5x Pairs of socks, 4x T-Shirts, 1x Sweater, 3x Pants, 1x Pair of shoes, Travel documents (including passport), Travel accessories (cell phone, charger, keys).

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