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JumpX Scooter

JumpX Scooter
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Fuzion JumpX is like a cross between a scooter and a pogo stick. With a front spring loaded suspension and rear flex spring the Jump X delivers higher and longer jumps with smoother landings and a fast stable ride. The Fuzion JumpX lets you jump over park obstacles and curbs with minimum effort. You can pull off longer jumps and higher jumps even when standing still. With just a downward push on the deck the spring-loaded handle bar combined with the rear flex spring gives you the bounce to catch the biggest vertical air and perform the wildest tricks ever. The JumpX Full Suspension Technology allows for a fast ride over almost any terrain, jump over it or roll over, cruise downhill, or pull off the biggest air tricks. With JumpX the possibilities are endless – JumpX the Ultimate Big Air Scooter. Don’t forget about protection! These JBM International protection pads will do the trick.

Patent-pending dual suspension technology
Spring-Loaded Front Steering Tube
Heat Treated Steel Rear Strut Spring
Square Box Aluminum Deck
Composite Wheel Hubs, Pro Silicon Hand Grips, Rear Foot Brake

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