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KarasKustoms Alloy 5 iPhone Case

KarasKustoms Alloy 5 iPhone Case
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Our new iPhone 5/5s case design comes with an anodized finish, custom Delrin end caps and custom stainless hardware. Our new patent pending design gives your phone a sleek, modern look without being too bulky or heavy.

In fact, its our slimmest yet! This all new case better allows the phone to be used like a camera, enhancing the grip and giving better access to the volume buttons. We machine all the edges on the case, adding a smooth chamfer to give the case an industrial aesthetic while making it more comfortable to handle. Our specially designed end caps fit the phone securely, preventing unwanted movement inside the case.

Because of our unique design, the phone can stand on its side, to make activities like viewing or taking video much easier, without the need for a separate stand. Remember, these are all made by us and they are all unique.

Fits iPhone 5 and 5s.

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