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KCUF Luxury Paracord Bracelet 24K Gold

KCUF Luxury Paracord Bracelet 24K Gold
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Defying the limits of Luxury wristwear, Alpha Rebel KCUFS™ unravel in seconds to super-strength cord. The first of it’s kind in the world, KCUFs™ redefine luxury. Tow a truck. Rescue kittens. Tie up bad guys. Make a tripwire for zombies. Get kinky with your girlfriend. No other accessory even comes close (or cares about kittens).

From formals to the outdoors, Alpha Rebel KCUFS™ elevate your style and unravel in a moment’s notice. Use it, and Alpha Rebel Co. will replace it – for life. The Evolution of Luxury is Here™. Now… #gokcufyourself

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