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Keisodo Soil Bath Mat Aqua

Keisodo Soil Bath Mat Aqua
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Combining Japan’s love of minimalist design and bathing culture, the Keisodo Soil Bath Mat Aqua is made from naturally absorbent diatom earth (keisodo in Japanese), and will surely make a graceful addition to your bathroom.

Footprints and water marks will be gone in around 20 minutes. But for all its earthen qualities, the bath mat is nonetheless thin yet durable, and with a textured, organic look that will fit in with most bathroom decor.

・Size: 425 x 575 x 9.5mm (16.7 x 22.6 x 0.4″)
・Weight: around 1.6kg (3.5 lb)
・Made from fibers and keisodo (diatomaceous earth)
・Made in Japan

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