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Keisodo Soil Diatom Bath Mat Gem

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1.NATURAL DIATOMACEOUS EARTH MATERIAL: natural diatomite.It was made from naturally Diatomaceous Earth,this material is a sedimentary rock from the diatom cell,can absorb water,fights bacterial and dehumidifies the air,etc.because it has a unique water absorption molecular structure;

2.HEALTH AND SAFETY:Diatomaceous earth has anti-bacterial properties as well as a dehumidifying property,so it naturally fights bacterial and dehumidifies the air,so Never any need to worry about mold and mildew with this bath mat
3.ANTI-SLIP:Maybe it’s a little heavy than our normal bath mat,Doesn’t really matter,It stays on the floor very good and does not move very often,and does not slip on porcelain tile,stable enough,reducing the chances of slipping or skidding.

4.ABSORPTION:Compare to the other memory foam mat or cloth mat,the Diatomite bath mat is Hard,due to the diatomaceous earth material.While it isn’t soft,it is super absorbs water quickly without a trace left is hard but it dries very fast which only takes about 30 sec,
5.EASY TO KEEP CLEAN:No hanging and drying out required;To clean use a clean damp clothrub away;or you can Scrape a small layer with sandpaper,or Rinse with water,then let the mat air dry;

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