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Khaki Green Elastic Belt

Khaki Green Elastic Belt
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FINALLY, A BELT SO LIGHTWEIGHT YOU CAN BARELY TELL YOU’RE WEARING ONE AT ALL. You should be wearing a belt that conforms to you, not the other way around! Once you try our belt, you’ll realize just how uncomfortable and restrictive all your other belts have been. The Jelt belt’s elastic band moves and stretches with your body’s natural range of motion, making it ideal for any activity – hiking, biking, climbing- wherever your sense of adventure takes you, a Jelt will be your best accessory.

NOW YOU CAN LOOK & FEEL FREE EVERY DAY IN A TRULY INVISIBLE BELT. Our belt WILL NOT STICK OUT UNDER A FITTED SHIRT, eliminating unwanted bulging from bulky buckles. The sleek design of the Jelt features a sturdy, patent-pending no-show buckle that lays fully flat against your waist so it appears that you’re not even wearing a belt at all. Extreme athletes love wearing our Jelt, because there is no need to adjust due to weight loss or gain- it will smoothly conform to your body’s shape and size.

GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION – Trade in your closet full of uncomfortable belts for just one that can go everywhere with you. The universal, no-show design allows you to wear your belt under any shirt without having to worry about how it looks. Pair it with your favorite t-shirt and jeans, ski pants, yoga pants, or even with a tailored suit for the office.
100% CRUELTY FREE. 100% MADE FROM RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES. This belt is vegan as it contains no leather or any other animal products. Our Jelt belt was designed for maximum durability and strength, while constructed entirely from recycled water bottles- lowering your carbon footprint. Feel good about the belt you wear everywhere.

BREEZE THROUGH SECURITY CHECKPOINTS IN A JELT BELT – Our belt is 100% metal free (GREAT news for those with sensitive skin and metal allergies), and can be worn through security or metal detectors painlessly and hassle free. The Jelt belt rolls up so small, you could pack it in your pocket- you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without the convenience of this belt before. XS: 22″ – 26″ (Jean size), S: 26″ – 30″, M: 30″- 36″, L: 36″- 42″

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