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KidLid Protect Board

KidLid Protect Board
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Parents everywhere know that their child’s favorite babysitter also happens to be their laptop. It’s simple to entertain young children with a plethora of family films, but those same young children also love to touch, explore and mimic whatever they’ve seen their parents do with the laptop. At best they merely stop the entertainment, while at worst they delete important files or damage the keyboard itself.

The KidLid by mogolo transforms your laptop into the perfect babysitter, with added protection from little hands.

The original KidLid Protect Board provides a smooth and stable surface that resists the abuse of the most animated children.

It’s dish washing safe, for any mysterious food particles and gunk tracked onto the surface. The board itself it made from BPA-Free Poly Carbonate plastic, 3MM thick, and is secured to the laptop with a removable elastic strap.

The KidLid Protect universally protects both PC and Mac laptops sized 15″ and 13″.

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