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Kinetic Stretchable Sand

Kinetic Stretchable Sand
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Sand by Brookstone. Sand by Brookstone. 98% sand. 2% polymer. 100% FUN. Special properties make it soft and stretchy. Won’t make a mess (sticks to itself but not to you). Never dries out. Non-toxic. Choice of Large: 2.2 lbs of SAND. Small: 12 ozs of SAND – For ages 5 and up * WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. Not intended to be eaten.

Introducing SAND, the packable, stretchable – and just incredible – stuff you’ll simply never put down. Unlike beach or play sand, SAND has special properties that make it soft and stretchy. Build something big, something small. Let it flow through your fingers. You’ll be fascinated as it oozes, moves, and melts right before your eyes – just like a slow-moving liquid. Great for children and adults, at home or in the office.

You’ll never put it down (Trust us – we can’t either!) Aside from playing with it every chance we get, we found that SAND is also great for: Goofing off in the office; Distracting co-workers; Building castles; Making shapes and faces; Writing messages; Reducing stress. It won’t make a mess and never dries out. SAND is kinetic – that means it’s designed to stick to itself but not to you.

It flows through your fingers just like wet sand, but leaves them completely dry and mess-free. And no matter how you pull, stretch and separate SAND (even if some gets on the floor), it always recombines easily.

No vacuum cleaners or mops needed. But here’s the best part: when you’re ready to break out the SAND again, it’s just the same as it was when it came out of the jar. It never dries out and needs no liquid additives. If it does get wet, just let it dry out before playing with it again. It’s that easy. You’ve seen it before, but you’ve never felt anything like it.

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