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KISA KUKU: Motivational life planner and cat pillow

KISA KUKU: Motivational life planner and cat pillow
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Only the best cat brand ever! KISA KUKU (“Where are you, kitty?” in Russian) represents living in the “meow” and enjoying the present moment, just like cats!

First, we wanted to make an amazing planner to encourage everyone to enjoy life. With monthly themes, weekly challenges and a main daily focus, the KISA KUKU planner is for people everywhere looking to break out of routine and try something new. Inspired by cats, who are masters of living in the present moment, our planner is the purrfect guide to living a fuller life.

And of course, you’ll need a comfy place to write in your planner, or just hang with your cat(s) so we made the cutest cat pillow ever. Who doesn’t love cat pillows?!?

PLUS DON’T FORGET TO SNAG THE FULL PDF VERSION OF THE PLANNER FOR FREE! We had so much fun creating this planner, trying the weekly challenges, and experiencing new things that in keeping with one of our monthly themes, “Pay it forward,” we are giving away the full PDF version of our planner to anyone who wants it. You can then “pay it forward” by sharing our project with your friends! Just click the big share button above to get the FREE PDF.

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