Kitchen Towels Hand Printed Kitchen Towel Sets Choose Your

Kitchen Towels Hand Printed Kitchen Towel Sets Choose Your
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Absorbent, soft, and lint free, this flour sack towel will quickly become your favorite in the kitchen. Measuring 28″ x 29″ and made with natural unbleached cotton, they are hard working, super soft, and ultra thirsty kitchen companions. Each towel is printed by hand using solvent free, environmentally kind inks. Choose your set of 2 flour sack towels: Strawberry (2 color: red and moss) Blueberry (2 color: blueberry and moss) Carrot (2 color: orange and moss) Floral / Vine 2 Color (pink flowers on green or blue flowers on green) Vines (blue) Vintage Floral Bouquet (vibrant blue) Leaves (3 color: blue, green, gray) Monstera Plant (moss green or periwinkle) Cats (black or mustard) Succulents (black or moss green) Asparagus (green) Birds (black, blue, or mustard) Bears (dk blue, black, or mustard) Citrus (ruby, orange, or lime) Fish (dk blue, turquoise, or orange) Veggies (moss green or turquoise) Rabbits (large ochre or small brown) Acorns (brown) Floral Block Print (gray or gold) Dogwood (pink with mint center) Chickens (red, blue, or black) Pigs (red, blue, or black) Cows (red, blue, or black) Mugs (turquoise, ruby, charcoal) Campers (red, charcoal, green, turquoise) Honey Bees (charcoal, gold, black) Pineapple (mustard and moss, 2 color print) Tiny Teacups (Blue) Crabs (Blue or Red) Currently available towels can be seen here:

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