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Kitty Hawk Kite

Kitty Hawk Kite
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The Kitty Hawk Kite replicates the unique canard biplane design of the original Wright Flyer from 1903.

Designed by world-renowned kite artist Joel Scholz, its fiberglass frame, struts, and cross-pieces support the twin wings, foreplanes, and fuselage—all made from ripstop polyster. faithfully depicting the famous airplane’s airframe. Here is another cool kite for  your kid.

The 1/12-scale wings produce a 46″ wingspan that generates lift in ideal winds of 8 – 18 mph.

The included spool of 37-lb.-test polyester string allows flights up to 200′ high.

Minimal assembly.

Ages 8 and up.

24″ L x 46″ W x 9″ H. (12 oz.)

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