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Kitty Tail Car Decal

Kitty Tail Car Decal
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It’s commonly believed that dogs wag their tails when they’re happy and cats wag their tails when they’re pissed.
But that’s not all! Kitty tails swish to mesmerize their prey before they pounce.
Kitties slowly wag their tails when they’re pondering a decision (go out, or stay in? or go out? Out was pretty great. But in is great, too…).

Get some animal action on your car in a way that isn’t illegal in most states with the Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal.
Designed for cars with a rear window wiper, this whimsical kitty comes in two flavors: Happy and Grumpy.
You get both! (Kids, do not assign Happy and Grumpy to your parents. Let them pick. Just trust us on this one.)

Application is easy: clean off the surface, stick down the vinyl decal, and smooth any bubbles out with the side of a credit card.
Then turn on your wiper and watch the kitty’s tail swish swish swish!

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