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The Kitty Tube Generation 3

The Kitty Tube Generation 3
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New Improved for 2016-The Kitty Tube Gen. 3 – Feral option with Straw, including Gen 2 “SAFE” Low voltage heater option. (Includes new style awning and vent cap) See new features in description below.
The Kitty Tube includes a generous amount of Wisc. grown Oat straw to place on top of the fully insulated floor. The floor, walls, and roof are all insulated with a high quality, high R value insulation. The Kitty Tube will stay cool in the summer, and is ultra warm in the winter. Alley Cat Allies and Feral Fixers Approved.

The Gen 2 “SAFE” low voltage heater is specifically made to work with the Kitty Tube. The low voltage design virtually eliminates fire or electrocution inside the Kitty Tube. It will heat to a max 104 deg. F., and is warranted for 12 MONTHS from date of purchase against defects.
The built in lifting handles can be adjusted to supply full flow through ventilation for the summer, and can be closed to retain heat in the winter.

The Kitty Tube is made from post consumer content, consisting of recycled milk and detergent bottles. The Kitty Tube is an extremely green product, and proudly MADE IN THE USA. By purchasing our products, you are supporting many American businesses and their families. The Kitty Tube shell and lid are guaranteed for life to never chip, crack, or fade. Color is Black.

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