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KIYOSHI Luxury Japanese Cast Iron Tea Set 7 Pieces

KIYOSHI Luxury Japanese Cast Iron Tea Set 7 Pieces
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➤ EXCEPTIONAL BI-COLOR: It is easy to paint one teapot with one color only. However, TO MIX TWO COLORS is much harder and shows the skills of our talented craftsmen. The final result is truly impressive by its BEAUTY and MUCH MORE ELEGANT than tea set composed of one color only!
➤ 100% HAND-MADE: With a heritage of over 300 years of craftsmanship, this teapot has been fully hand-made by men and women of great experience. This is probably why each element reaches DESIGN perfection!

➤ LUXURY QUALITY: this teapot set has been made with HIGH-QUALITY materials to preserve the notoriety and know-how of the KIYOSHI family. We are talking here about a LUXURY Japanese teapot set!
➤ A WONDERFUL GIFT: The whole set has been made to please anybody. Younger generations will love the colors and the modern shape. Older generations will appreciate the JAPANESE HERITAGE and DESIGN!
➤ SO EASY TO WASH: Because an ENAMEL layer was put inside the teapot, it now became so easy to wash your tea set! After use, just RINCE WITH HOT WATER the inside of the teapot and the tea cups 2 or 3 times and that’s it!

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