Knife Belt Buckle by Bowen

Knife Belt Buckle by Bowen
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Times are tough and you would be lying to yourself if you said that you feel safe while you are walking home alone during the night. And even if you were not living in a particularly dangerous neighborhood, you could never be sure. You know I’m right!

It is obvious that one would feel safer if you carried some sort of protection, if we were going to assume the worse. But carrying a weapon is tricky. First of all, it takes up space and second of all, a weapon should be concealed at all times. And that is why, the knife belt buckle by Bowen is the best accessory for protection.

The handle looks like a belt buckle where it is attached to a blade. The belt can be customized by Bowen(this can be the perfect gift!). A sheath will be provided in the belt to slide in the blade.

You can also customize the buckle knife and the belt as well.

Not only does the buckle knife acts as a buckle and a knife, but there is a curve to the side, where it can be used as a bottle opener too.

The belt also contains a secret compartment where you can use for a secret stash of money or keys. The buckle belt is made of the finest quality of stainless steel. While it holds your pants, you can also be assured that it cuts deep.

Knife Belt Buckle Pros and Cons:

  1. The buckle knife is the epitome of stealth design while being fashionable and deadly at the same time.
  2. It serves as the perfect weapon for surprise attacks.
  3. It does not take up space and the knife can be concealed without any discomfort as well.
  4. The belt for the buckle knife has to be purchased separately. The chances of the buckle knife accommodating your other belts are low since it needs a sheath where you would be able to slide in the blade to conceal it or to avoid cutting you!

If you are willing to spend those extra dollars for the belt, the Knife Belt Buckle by Bowen is an accessory worth investing in. Not only is it an accessory for protection, it is way too cool not to buy it and it will always match wiht you favorite wrist watch.

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