Knight Rider Pilot Script Autographed Signed: David

Knight Rider Pilot Script Autographed Signed: David
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Caution: you will see several sellers on etsy with same exact script cover as mine. i can assure you 100% that the other sellers have purchased script/cover from me and have reprinted for resale. you will be getting a watered down, more pixelated copy from them. i own the original signed script/cover. i am selling a first generation reprint of the original. notice date of my etsy shop opening vs.theirs. thank you you are considering a color reprint of the entire signed pilot script of knight rider entire script reprint created by ken a. larsen 1982 signature reprints: david hasselhoff, edward mulhare, pamela susan shoop, richard anderson, vince edwards, brian cutler, barret oliver, glen a.

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