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Knob Where You Need It! – An Evolution in Propane Grilling

Knob Where You Need It! – An Evolution in Propane Grilling
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Welcome to the evolution of gas grilling!

Nearly every propane safety organization, as well as propane grill manufacturer, recommends that you close your propane tank valve after each use. They recommend this because if the tank valve is left open there is always the possibility of a propane leak, either through loose connections, or worn, faulty or damaged hoses & parts. If the tank valve is closed there is almost no possibility of a leak. Not only is there the possibility that you lose a tank of propane (a pretty common experience from what we’ve heard), costing you time & money, but even more concerning, a propane leak can cause fires and accidents with the potential for serious bodily injury.

So…why is the propane tank control on gas grills almost always in a hard to reach, easy to forget location? Think about it, they’re always underneath the grill and behind either a frame, a fascia, or cabinet doors – so, it’s always hidden from view, not to mention difficult to get to! Why?

This is the question that drove the creation of Knob Where You Need It! We wanted to make gas grilling even more safe & convenient. Knob Where You Need It! puts the propane control in a location of your choosing.

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