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Knotty Floor Cushion by Kumeko

Knotty Floor Cushion by Kumeko
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The Knotty collection is a series of floor cushions with a unique plaited design. The name Knotty is related to the method of production which was inspired by old weaving, knotting and basketmaking techniques. Stuffed with highly resilient foam, jersey tubes are ‘knotted’ together by hands into the flexible structural pattern. The material for the cover is specially developed by Kumeko and produced to order in Europe.

This listing consists of an upholstered cover and an inner bag. There are two stuffing options available:

We fill the cushion for you with the polyurethane flakes stuffing, which is a recycled material made of shredded polyurethane offcuts. This material gives the cushion spongy and soft feel. With this option you receive a completed, ready to use product.

With this option you purchase only the cover and the inner bag. You would have to fill the cushion with your own stuffing material (which can be easily purchased at your local upholstery shop or online) and to your own desired comfort level using simple instructions, which are provided with the item. This option reduces the price and the weight of the product, which saves you some money on the shipping costs.


D 80 cm, H 40 cm

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