Kokuyo Transparent Crayons

Kokuyo Transparent Crayons
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Painting colors have come a lot way over the last few years: advances in chemistry have brought new materials to arts and crafts, meaning the choices are endless especially in country like Japan that values both science and painting. The Kokuyo Transparent Crayons are one such choice, offering a new take on what is perhaps the most basic of all art tools: the crayons we learned to use in kindergarten. Don’t be fooled, though: they might be suitable for all ages, but these are also genuine art tools.

Made of mineral oil gel, the Kokuyo Transparent Crayons have a transparent quality that will give your paintings a texture reminiscent of water colors. Furthermore, because they lack the pastiness of regular wax colors, they can be applied in layers to create countless exciting shades and tints. Available in three different sets of 5, 10, or 16 colors, they will find their place in any arts and crafts project, be it a school assignment for your kids or an exploration of your artistic tendencies!

The Kokuyo Transparent Crayons features:

Sets: 5 colors, 10 colors, 16 colors
5-color set: red, yellow, light green, green, blue
10-color set: red, yellow, light green, green, blue, orange, light blue, purple, light orange, brown
16-color set: red, yellow, light green, green, blue, orange, Light blue, purple, light orange, brown, bright orange, blue-green, ultramarine, pink, chocolate, ash gray
Crayon dimensions: 11 x 65 mm (0.4 x 2.5″)
Material: mineral oil gel
Suitable for ages 3 and above
Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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