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Konnected Alarm Panel: Revive Your Wired Alarm System

Konnected Alarm Panel: Revive Your Wired Alarm System
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The Konnected Alarm Panel replaces your old security system panel, connecting your existing alarm system to Samsung’s SmartThings and Home Assistant. It works with any wired alarm system!

Add a touch screen panel to your existing alarm system
Get notified on your phone when a door or window opens or another sensor is tripped
Automatically arm and disarm your system with proximity detection

Millions of Homes are Pre-wired to be Smart Homes

Millions of homes are built pre-wired for alarm systems, but most of these systems are decades outdated. Wired alarm systems have traditionally been closed systems that you had to pay a monitoring company up to $100 per month to use!

Many homeowners with pre-installed alarm systems rarely or never use them because they are inconvenient, ineffective or too expensive to maintain.

Now with the Konnected Alarm Panel, you can free yourself from expensive contracts, and at the same time, connect all of your door & window sensors, motion detectors, smoke/CO2 detectors & more to your favorite home automation hub or service.

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