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Kork Small Bedside Table

Kork Small Bedside Table
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Kork is a small multifunctional bedside table designed by the duo Twodesigners. Each module is assembled by plugging and may be used alone or layered with others to create storage solutions of different heights, organised according to your desires or needs. Cork comes from the recycled waste of wine cork production. It is a nice, soft, anti-slip material that brings together all the sustainability criteria required by Linadura – it is natural, relatively light and heavy duty.

Clean using a damp cloth. Linadura recommends that you always use environmentally friendly cleaning products and care for your furniture regularly and frequently. Before using any cleaning product, you should test it on an inconspicuous spot. Kork is on sale online in several colour options and in a larger version.

Measurements H 15 cm / W 35 cm / D 35 cm
Materials Powder-coated steel, Natural cork pads

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