Kosdeg Copper Cocktail Tins Set of 2

Kosdeg Copper Cocktail Tins Set of 2
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  • THE COOLEST THING IN YOUR COCKTAIL BAR – Literally. Not only do these cups look super cool, they get super cool. You’ll get that tingly tongue feeling when you see the beads of condensation rolling off these things. Alcoholic or not, these tins give THE BEST drinking experience. Whether your modernizing your Mules, or sipping down plain water, how refreshing it’ll be is unbeatable. We’ve guaranteed that.
  • ROOM TO ICE COLD IN SECONDS – Take the icecube test. Fill these up to the mouth with ice and just see how quickly they frost up, we still get impressed by it to this day! The perfect partner for your Mint Julep, Moscow Mule or favorite libation.
  • AVOID THE HEALTH CONCERNS OF PLASTIC – Recently, drinking liquids stored in plastic containers has been tied to causing the deadliest illness of them all. It’s also destroying our oceans. If you want a healthier alternative that is going to last a lifetime, then these are absolutely for you. They look awesome, they’ll make you feel awesome. The only downside is, you didn’t get them sooner!
  • ENJOY YOUR DRINKS MORE OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Buying online can be risky. With us, it’s not. If you’re not happy, we’ll issue you with a refund immediately. We produce everything with YOU in mind. These tumblers will make your drinks INCREDIBLY refreshing. If you’re not convinced, you’re getting your money back anyways, right? Why get it wrong? Buy with confidence. Buy with us.
  • CHOSEN BY PROFESSIONAL BARTENDERS – Durable enough to withstand a wild night at the cocktail club, and cool enough to add that needed refreshment to your home bar. We’ve seen some of the coolest cocktails ever created with these copper cups. Strong, beautiful, functional, with guaranteed satisfaction. If you can’t proudly take a picture of your drink with these to share with your friends, we’ll gladly grant your return. Spoiler – that isn’t going to happen!
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