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Kruve Coffee Sifting System Twelve

Kruve Coffee Sifting System Twelve
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Accurately measure grind size – measure your grind size in quantifiable micron units and replicate recipes with Confidence. Sieves range from 200 microns up to 1100 microns in size.
Calibrate your grinder – use the Sifter to quantify those arbitrary dial numbers or vague settings like “fine, medium, coarse”. evaluate the wear and tear of your grinder over time.
Refine your grind with precision – refine your grind for greater consistency and uniformity. Use only the range of Coffee particles that you want for a Truly even extraction.
Quickly and easily improve your brew – works with any brew method or grinder. Optimized for 1-4 cups of Coffee (10-80g of Coffee grounds). doesn’t add any time to your brewing. Use it while the water boils.
An award-winning product – used by world champion baristas and modest home-brewers alike. Employs long-lasting quality materials. Ergonomically designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. Stainless steel sieves only need a quick rinse under the kitchen tap. Aesthetically designed to fit well with common third wave Coffee brewing equipment, whether it is a scale, French press, grinder, or pour over set up

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